#anchors #preppy #vineyardvines #eyelet #tassels #navyblue #nautical (at Central Park New York City)

time for another theme change ✿ there is now a tags page that i will update as needed, and a search bar that you can search the tags with

sorry for the long wait, but fyeahanchors is now back from hiatus!! ⚓



i apologize for being gone so long, but i’ve been dealing with a lot of personal/family issues this past year and it’s been pretty rough ngl. i’ve been meaning to make /some/ sort of post on here to let you know where i’ve been and i figured i may as well make it exactly one year from my last post.

i’ve been meaning to start posting again, but it will probably have to wait until late June/early July bc i’ll be having a lot of stuff going on in June. i’m sorry for practically dropping off the face of the earth with no explanation, and thank you to all of you who have continued following me even after being inactive for so long. i hope to be back sometime this summer, and i honestly don’t remember how long ago it was, but i did change the theme so it’s not just the default theme. i’m also working on a tags page, and i’m also considering putting in a music player since i’ve become a bit more skilled with html.

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